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Cross Roads Fencing Center

Sorry to say, we've had too many students graduate and
not enough new young students join to fill the ranks. It's been a good 10 years! Thanks to all who have participated with us over the years.
As of August 25, we've packed up & moved out.

Used weapons, front zip jackets, masks, body cords, etc. are available for Epee, along with limited quantities of sabres, lames, masks. 

We also have  4 Firefly Fencing scoring machines.

Contact us for specific items or to make a purchase.

Custom Electronics will continue.


Why Should I Fence?

It's a load of fun!  Does fencing in the movies look cool?  Fencing for real is even better.  Imagine you're on the strip, a 3 foot sword in your hand, sizing up your opponent for a weak spot, pushing him back, and drawing him close.  An extension of the arm, a quick advance forward, and the tip of your blade is pressed against your opponent while the scoring machine buzzes for your touch!  Your fans go wild!

Having all this fun you may not notice fencing is great exercise too. Fencing improves coordination, balance, strength, flexibility, and conditioning.  And you could be burning 400 calories an hour.  (Your mileage may vary.)

Who can Fence? Everyone!

Fencers can start training as young as 8 years old (3rd grade).  Boys and Girls, Men and Women, Young and Old, all are welcome.  Classes are separated by age, which also serves to separate by size for training; ages 8-12, ages 13-16, and ages 17-adult.  As skills improve, size becomes less important.  A 5'4" person can overcome a 6'8" person with form and technique!

Classes will introduce students to the footwork, weapon, rules and traditions of Olympic style electric Epee fencing:

  • Warm ups/Stretching
  • Footwork/Conditioning
  • The Uniform
  • The Epee
  • Fencing Equipment
  • Safety!
  • Scoring
  • Attacking/Defending
  • Rules of the Strip
  • Tournaments
  • All equipment is provided in the beginner classes

Fencing is a life-long sport.  At the 2007 USFA Summer National tournament, the youngest fencer was 6 and the oldest was 88.  Any age is a good time to start.  Competitions during the season let you fence against similar age & skill levels - Open events bring all experience levels together.

A special note for parents, once you see how much fun your kids are having, you may feel compelled to try the sport yourself!

Click here for online purchase of Cross Roads Fencing Center gifts. More items added on occasion, or ask Coach Robert if there's something you'd like. Show off your fencing spirit! Amuse your friends!

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