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Mega Screw Shield. 86 screw terminals to let you securely connect your signals and your shields.  Now with 12x20 Prototyping area.

$35 each kit. $50 for assembled boards.  US flat rate shipping $5.25. International: please ask for your country.

Newest card - MAX7219 daisychainable breakout board for up to 64 LEDs. Breaks out 2-pins for each LED, connect them up & spread out however you'd like - big display, a globe, etc.

Kits for board as pictured with all headers, $12 to US addresses, includes padded envelope shipping via USPS & paypal fee. Assembled boards available for $25. Larger quantities will ship in a flat rate box.  International shipping - contact us for prices.

I used male-female terminated wires & crimp housings to make this little jumper cable to drive the board with SPI transfers.  shiftOut and other MAX7219 libraries will also work.

Demo of 8 LEDs blinking

I was asked a couple of times if there was an Uno version of the Mega Screw Shield. So I finally made one up. It looked kind of empty, so I added a prototyping area.
Here are some pics of the shield on an Uno and on a Mega.
The board is 67mmx77mm, has each header pins brought out to a 3.5mm pitch screw terminal, and to a pin in the 12x20 protoboard area, and the ICSP header will support ICSP connectors from other shields.
I bought 10 PCBs to try them out - I can send them out as kits for $14.50 each, in a padded envelope will be maybe $3 for shipping, or flat rate boxes for $5.35. Foreign shipping in padded envelope around $8. Assembled boards, add $5, will be shipped in flat rate boxes only.


ATMega1284P Duemilanova-style board with mostly thru-hole components. Designed for easy assembly.
Bare boards $5. Kits less the MIKROE-483 USB module $22,  most folks go with offboard FTDI module to 6-pin header.  $5.25 for USPS mailing to US address. 
Assembled boards available upon request.  Schematic Layout Assembly  PL for the ATMega1284P Thru PCB

12-digit, or 96 Bit, LED driver, using TPIC6B595. Bare boards, $5.  Kits, assembled boards, available upon request.

Video of two cards with 10 driver chips each controlling a Nike Fuel Band display courtesy of ACSComposites

Schematic  Parts List (eagle export)

Dual ATMega328P Board! 40 IO pins. Headers to connect USB/Serial adapter, ICSP, jumpers to connect MAX232 for Serial.  

Add some jumper wires for chip-to-chip SPI, I2C, or UART-UART comm's. Bare boards $5 mailed to US locations. Kits, assembled boards, available upon request.


1284Mini. ATMega1284P-AU with 32 IO, Dual Hardware UART, 128K FLASH, 16K SRAM.  Schematic, Layout, PL

Bare Boards $3, Kits available upon request.

Core Files for Bobuino '1284P Boards
   replacement Pins_arduino.h to put in Bobuino variant folder

The Bobuino!  List of Bobuino Rev17 features.pdf  (opens in new window)

Shipped to your US location for $80. 

'1284 with LiPo charger, Arduino style headers, Xbee socket

Leonardino ("Little Leonardo") ATMega32U4 providing USB interface, with uSD socket on the bottom.  Bare boards $3.
Schematic  Parts List

12x8 LED Multiplexed Matrix Driver With USB/Serial Adapter

ATMega1284 Test  Board, ICSP & FTDI Headers

Relay Board with '1284, RS232, USB, directly driven relays.

OnTargetMarine, RPN4

Similar to Bobuino; ATMega1284, RS232 port, FTDI FT232RL USB, SD Card Socket, Screw terminals for 4 serial ports, power, 2 input buttons, 3 switch closures, additional SPI-Dual UART with RS485 interface drivers, 3 additional Status LEDs, Arduino shield compatible.

Fencing Scoring Machine and RF Remote Control

Smaller Fencing Scoring Machine

"Mini-uino", ATMega328P for very small Arduino clones, 1.3" x 1.3". Bare board $3. Kits, assembled board available upon request.  Mini-uino parts

"Digituino", designed to Drive higher voltage (12V) Common Anode 7-Segment Displays, using TPIC6B595, with RS232, SD card socket, ATMega328P

Swim Pace Display Driver

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