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New addition to card family: Standalone Programmers!

Ever needed to program some cards in the field but didn't have access to a laptop? Now you don't need one! We collaborated with Nick Gammon and turned his "Upload Hexfile from SD card" into a full-fledged standalone programmer. Connect up a power source (3xAA battery pack, 5VDC wallwart, 7-12VDC wallwart or non-running vehicle power), select a program and press the Start button.  More details on this page for file naming and re-setting up the card if needed.

Three versions available: single file programmer with no display ($41.50); one display programmer supporting up to 16 files ($45.25); two display programmer supporting up to 256 files ($48). Contact us to order one. All boards include a Sandisk 4GB SD card and 6 inch/15cm programming cable. Shipping & paypal fee added to all orders.

Programming an Uno under battery power. Select from 1 of 256 files via the rotary encoder:

This board programs 1 of 16 files:


Mega Screw Shield. 

96 screw terminals to let you securely connect your signals and your shields. Fits all Mega board variants: Mega, MegaADK, Due, Ethermega, Etherdue.
Two pairs of 3.3V/Gnd and three pairs of 5V/Gnd terminals. Board lengthened at the power connector end for additional screw down  holes.  Hole added to access the Due Erase button. Jumpers added to allow seperation of  D51-52-53 from the ICSP header.

$37 each kit. $52 for assembled boards.  US flat rate shipping $5.35. International: please ask for your country. 
Paypal fee added to the total, 4% for US, 5% international.


Here's a shot of a screw shield on an EtherMega with an additional shield added on top, all mounted in a enclosure

Mega Screw Shield options.
One covers all but the double row header, the other covers the double row header. And they can be stacked if you want to.
Assembled price: Larger shield $36, smaller shield $30. USPS shipping & paypal fee additional. Worldwide shipping available.
Double row screw shield
Mega half shield

Don't forget our Book, Arduino for Teens. Published by Cengage Publishing, available from Amazon and other resellers.

Arduino for Teens

ATMega1284P Duemilanova-style 

Board with mostly thru-hole components (USB PTC fuse, 2 voltage regulators). Designed for easy assembly.
Kits less the MIKROE-483 USB module $27. Assembled boards $42.  MIKROE-483 onboard USB Module with USB-B Mini, add $9.  Offboard FTDI Module with USB-B Micro, add $8.  
$5.35 for USPS mailing to US address.  Paypal fee added to the total. Bootloaded Atmega1284P with Blink downloaded: no charge.
 Schematic Layout Assembly  PL for the ATMega1284P Thru PCB 


Atmega1284P On Top (a.k.a. Bobweeny)

Modeled after the Solarbotics Ardweeny, but adapted to have the 1284P on wirewrap socket headers instead of sitting under a board and having to solder all the legs to something.  Killed your chip? Pop in a new one!
Header for offboard FTDI Module (can be right angle or vertical), "L" LED at the edge of the board. Cuttable traces for Vcc from FTDI, DTR from FTDI, and for the L LED if you don't want a light.
$21.25 plus $5.25 USPS shipping to US addresses; international shipping is usually more.
$7.50 extra for an FTDI module - the one I use has a micro USB connector.
paypal to cardinalflyer at comcast dot net.

Schematic & Layout

Jack Christensen's files to add 1284 support to Arduino IDE


Builds on the original Bobuino, makes USB/Serial easier to assemble, adds lots of connection options besides just shields - signal/power/ground available at each pin location. Here it is fully decked with screw terminals and onboard FTDI Module, and with no screw terminals and an offboarrd FTDI module. SD card with 74HC4050 SPI buffering, MAX3232 for RS232 on Serial 2, battery bacled DS1307 with 32.786 KHz crystal.


Assembled board with no FTDI components, no screw terminals:  $69.50
Assembled board with right angle header & FTDI Basic with micro-USB connector, no screw terminals: $76.50
Assembled board with MIKROE483 FTDI module mounted on board with mini-USB connector, no screw terminals: $78
Set of 3.5 pitch screw terminals: Add $5.35
Shipping via USPS for up to 4 boards: $5.35.  International: please contact as rates vary by country. Generally ~$20-24 for tracked, insured USPS shipping for up to 4 boards.
Paypal fee: add 4% US, 5% International to the total.

(5V regulator is missing in these pic's - they are on order and will be installed)

Schematic in PDF

Schematic in PNG

Core Files for Bobuino '1284P Boards

   replacement Pins_arduino.h to put in Bobuino variant folder
Exciting updates for the Atmega1284P & Arduino - read here.

Pictured: Bobuino 2 with optional screw terminals and optional on-board FTDI module.

Pictured: Bobuino 2 with optional off-board FTDI module and no screw terminals.


ATMega1284P-AU with 32 IO, Dual Hardware UART, 128K FLASH, 16K SRAM.  Schematic, Layout, PL

Bare Boards $3. Kits, $15. Assembled boards with straight male headers $20. Add USPS shipping & paypal fee.

32 N-channel MOSFET board with screw terminals

Designed for  1A loads. Arduino Uno can be mounted above the card with standoffs to drive shift registers which control the AOI518 N-Channel MOSFET gates.

Available in kit or assembled form.  Short clip driving 8 segments of LED strips
and a longer clip on youtube fading up & down the channels by my son:
Kits available for $38, plus shipping (US: $5.35) and 4% paypal fee. International, ask for your country.

MAX7219 daisychainable breakout board 

Easily connect up 64 LEDs.  Breaks out 2-pins for each LED, connect them up & spread out however you'd like - big display, a globe, etc.  No current limit resistors needed.

Kits for board as pictured with all headers, $12 to US addresses, includes padded envelope shipping via USPS & paypal fee. Assembled boards available for $25. Larger quantities will ship in a flat rate box.  International shipping - contact us for prices.

I used male-female terminated wires & crimp housings to make this little jumper cable to drive the board with SPI transfers.  shiftOut and other MAX7219 libraries will also work.

Demo of 8 LEDs blinking

Bubblelicious: a nice little 8-digit display controlled by a MAX7219. $12.85 each plus shipping & paypal fee.
If there's interest, I can get more until Sparkrun runs out of displays.
The 10uF can be mounted flatter, or on the back. In & Out connectors for daisychaining.
The holes for the display have double rows to accommodate a right angle socket, 2 of mouser 575-2994331211. More application pics & an SPI code example here:

Uno Screw Shield.

I was asked a couple of times if there was an Uno version of the Mega Screw Shield. So I finally made one up. It looked kind of empty, so I added a prototyping area.
Here are some pics of the shield on an Uno and on a Mega.
The board is 67mmx77mm, has each header pins brought out to a 3.5mm pitch screw terminal, and to a pin in the 12x20 protoboard area, and the ICSP header will support ICSP connectors from other shields.
I bought 10 PCBs to try them out - I can send them out as kits for $14.50 each, in a padded envelope will be maybe $3 for shipping, or flat rate boxes for $5.35. Foreign shipping in padded envelope around $8. Assembled boards, add $5, will be shipped in flat rate boxes only.


12-digit, or 96 Bit, LED driver.

Uses TPIC6B595 with 150mA continuous sink current per output. Kits $50.  Assembled boards $100. USPS flat rate shipping to US address, $5.35. International, rates vary by  country. Paypal fee added to the total.

Uses SPI to very quickly send 12 bytes to the Open Drain shift registers, rated for 150mA continuous, up to 50V. Tested with LED strings powered from 5V, string anodes connected to +12V.

Video of two cards with 10 driver chips each controlling a Nike Fuel Band display courtesy of ACSComposites

Schematic  Parts List (eagle export)

Dual ATMega328P Board

40 IO pins. Headers to connect USB/Serial adapter, ICSP, jumpers to connect MAX232 for Serial.  
Add some jumper wires for chip-to-chip SPI, I2C, or UART-UART comm's.
Bare Boards $5.  Kits, $27. Assembled boards with straight male headers $37. Add USPS shipping & paypal fee.


The Original Bobuino! 

 List of Bobuino Rev17 features.pdf  (opens in new window) Not available except by special arrangement. See Bobuino2 above instead.


ATMega328P for very small Arduino clones, 1.3" x 1.3". 
Bare board $3. Kits, $14. Assembled boards with straight male headers $19. Add USPS shipping & paypal fee.  Mini-uino parts


Designed to Drive higher voltage (12V) Common Anode 7-Segment Displays using TPIC6B595 and Atmega328P.  

RS232 with buffer & 9-pin connector, SD card socket, connector for 4-channel RF Remote control  from

Swim Pace Display Driver

Examples of Custom Board Designs

'1284 with LiPo charger, Arduino style headers, Xbee socket

12x8 LED Multiplexed Matrix Driver With USB/Serial Adapter

ATMega1284 Test  Board with ICSP & FTDI Headers

Relay Board with '1284, RS232, USB, directly driven relays.

OnTargetMarine, RPN4  Lots of special interfaces!

Similar to Original Bobuino; ATMega1284, RS232 port, FTDI FT232RL USB, SD Card Socket, Screw terminals for 4 serial ports, power, 2 input buttons, 3 switch closures, additional SPI-Dual UART with RS485 interface drivers, 3 additional Status LEDs, Arduino shield compatible.

Fencing Scoring Machine and RF Remote Control  Used at Cross Roads Fencing Center

Smaller Fencing Scoring Machine No time or score

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